Why is Obama not demanding a progressive deficit deal? Because he doesn’t want one!

The notion that he’s tacking right to win the “undecided” vote next year is pure baloney, as Matt Taibbi argues here.


POSTED: July 11, 11:31 AM ET
Obama Doesn’t Want a Progressive Deficit Deal
by: Matt Taibbi

One expects the debt-ceiling mess to involve a lot of ostentatious chest-pounding on both sides, for despite the fact that this is a deadly serious issue – the fact that we’re even considering incurring an intentional catastrophe via a default is incredible, a testament to the bottomless stupidity inherent in our political climate – this whole debate is primarily an exercise in political posturing.

That Republicans are holding up what should be a routine, if unpleasant, decision to raise the debt ceiling in order to portray themselves as the uncompromising defenders of the budget-balancing faith (a howling idiocy in itself, given what went on during the Bush years) is obvious to most rational observers. It’s the obvious play for the lame-duck party entering an election year, and they’re playing it, with the requisite hysteria.

But what is becoming equally obvious, to both sides, is that the Obama White House is using this same artificial calamity to pitch its own increasingly rightward tilt to voters in advance of the 2012 elections.

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