Who’s trying to buy Wisconsin’s recall elections? (A better question: Who controls the voting system there?)

Who’s Buying Wisconsin’s Recall Elections?
Local and out-of-state groups show strong interest
By Lisa Kaiser

The unprecedented recalls of nine state senators have sparked the interest of organizations seeking an advantage in Wisconsin politics.

For Republicans, it’s a do-or-die moment. If the Democrats can flip three seats in the Senate, the GOP and its conservative allies will lose the complete control they currently have over the three branches of the state government.

For Democrats and the labor movement, the recalls are the only way they can return from the dead. If they can’t take out three of six Republican senators and defend the seats of three Democrats who are being recalled, then their immediate future is quite bleak. More of Gov. Scott Walker’s extreme right-wing policy agenda will be rubber-stamped by a compliant Legislature. Even more serious, the Republicans totally control the redistricting process, so the Republican-controlled Legislature will draw lines that will favor their party for the next 10 years. And in contrast to years of razor-thin results that have favored Democrats in statewide races, Wisconsin could turn red in the 2012 presidential election because of the Republican-backed legislation that has made it harder for many students, elderly residents and poor people to vote.

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