URGENT! How George Bush “beat” John Kerry in 2004: Ken Blackwell’s secret CONTRACT with Mike Connell, to rip off Ohio’s vote

Ever since Bush/Cheney’s re-election in 2004, there’s been an ever-growing body of strong evidence that their “victory” was stolen. Before that year was out, there was the Conyers Report—a powerful study that the US press, both corporate and left/liberal, all but totally ignored.

Those early findings were confirmed and amplified in many works appearing through the next few years, including Robert Kennedy’s landmark article in Rolling Stone, “Was the 2004 Election Stolen?”; Richard Hayes Phillips’ WITNESS TO A CRIME, his massive “audit” of the vote in 18 Ohio counties; the several works, all indispensable, of Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman; Steve Freeman’s WAS THE 2004 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION STOLEN?(co-authored with Joel Bleifuss), a thorough vindication of the exit polls that told of Kerry’s VICTORY in Ohio (and ten other states); and my own book FOOLED AGAIN. And there’s been further evidence in documentaries like Dorothy Fadiman’s STEALING AMERICA: VOTE BY VOTE and Tom O’Brien’s COMMANDER ‘N THIEF, among others.

All such evidence has been consistently—and, in many cases, inexplicably—dismissed and/or tuned out not only by the GOP and corporate press (not least the New York Times), but by the Democrats and left/liberal press (not least The Nation), as well as many big progressive names, from Michael Moore and Rachel Maddow to Noam Chomsky and Ed Schultz. In THE AUDACITY OF HOPE, Barack Obama voices pride in having NOT joined the Congressional Black Caucus in opposing the electoral vote-count for Ohio, because “my guy had lost,” period. “That was the cold, hard political reality. Everything else was just sentiment.”

Thus the evidence has, all along, said one thing, while the whole political/media establishment has said the opposite—an easy claim to make, since Bush’s real “win” in ’04 is common wisdom, and so it’s always very easy to repeat it, no matter how preposterous it may be; and it’s also been an easy claim because those making it don’t ever bother looking at the evidence, but simply blow it off as crazy on its face.

Well, now we have some evidence that’s going to be a bit more difficult to wave away, since it appears to be a smoking gun: the contract between Mike Connell, Karl Rove’s IT guru, and the office of Ken Blackwell, Ohio’s notorious Secretary of State from 1998-2006 (see zip file containing contract below, “GovTechSolutions&AttachmentCONNELLELECTION04.pdf”). Specifically, Connell signed the contract on behalf of his company, GovTech Solutions, along with Monty Lobb, Assistant Secretary of State, and also—like Blackwell—a dedicated theocrat intent on turning the United States into a “Christian nation.” (Check out his company, Kenosis, and Mount Vernon Nazarene University, where Lobb teaches business courses.)

The Connell/Blackwell contract is for setting up a “new interactive Election Night website” that would not
just enable Blackwell to monitor the statewide vote-count in real time, but also feed that data through a
separate computer in Chattanooga, Tennessee, under the control of yet another private company called
SMARTech, owned and run by a GOP operative (and evangelical) named Jeff Averbeck. Such is the
computer-system architecture known as “man in the middle,” which is often used, by criminals and other
shady players, for stealing and/or manipulating data. The architecture map included here lays out the way
the GovTech/SMARTech system worked on Election Night, 2004. (There also was a third private company
involved in stealing the Ohio vote 6+ years ago: Triad Governmental Systems, located in Xenia, Ohio, and
owned by the Rapp family—also Christianists.)

Needless to add, it’s way past time for an honest, well-informed discussion of America’s preposterous
voting system, and the ways in which that system has, throughout the last ten years, been used time
after time AGAINST the citizens of the United States—a people who have never shared the “values”
of those Christianists OR libertarians who’ve largely hijacked both our state and federal governments.
If those who’ve kept their eyes shut tight to all of this will open them at last, and take a good look at
this latest evidence, it will jump-start that crucial national debate, which might just save America.



The Plaintiffs’ Brief :: download the ZIP archive ::

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Thank you for this. Your writeup really clarifies what has been going on over the past 10 years and underscores how the GOP theft of the 2004 Presidential election, the media’s total blackout on the subject, has seriously undermined our country’s democracy such that extremists now control Congress, the SCOTUS and have crippled the Senate and have a stranglehold of Obama as well.

Because even the Dems don’t want to talk about it for fear of scaring away voters or donors, it is a real shame and tragedy what has happened not only in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010 and how yes, this country is being hijacked by extremists and Wall Street who want to gut any social programs and toss poor people, the disabled, the elderly and the unemployed into the gutter or worse.

Thank you for all you have done to shine light on the horrific theft of the 2004 election in your groundbreaking book, ‘Fooled Again’ . and ‘Loser Take All: Election Fraud and The Subversion of Democracy’.


Mark, as I commented at OEN, this is a significant document dump, now apparently unsealed from OH courts, opening many new avenues of inquiry.

I wondered if it means the case is no longer active.

As I read the deposition, the two lawyers in the deposition come off like haters. Aaron Epstein representing the State and James Ervin from the firm Benesh, Friedlander, Coplan and Aronoff, LLP representing Connell.

Connell sounds rattled and the way the defense and judge were limiting the scope so carefully sounds like they are hiding something (or someone).

Again, the big takeaways is why is no media touching this. Why did the London Times bail out on Simon Worrell’s solid journalistic coverage in which Spoonamore says straight up Connell admitted wrongdoing. The comments on the article from the Connell family on the Maxim website were worth noting as well.

Also in the Worrell piece, some sick pup sent Connell’s widow a letter giving details on the ‘hit’ cleanup which I must admit sort of corroborates a wacky WMR claim from before.

We see names we haven’t seen in previous coverage – the State IT guy who was sent home early on election night and Alan Dillman, the private contractor guy that replaced him with ties to fundamentalist Cedarville University. They bragged in a press release that they helped Blackwell and SmarTech in the best election ever.

This should be reported or debunked – why did Rachel, Keith, Glenn Greenwald, Greg Palast, 60 minutes, The Nation, all pass on this when Connell died?

Brad Blog was on it and you did a good Amy Goodman interview, but Larisa seemed to bail when Connell died too.

Huffpo did a piece and then backed off after their senior editor Tom Edsall was called out for knocking the ‘presumptiveness’ of the watchdog sites who helped break the story.

As Project Censored will tell you, it’s a hell of a polarizing, depressing and toxic tale, but the bare facts not in dispute are:

1. Ken Blackwell hired the Bush Campaign and Swift Boat IT experts to administer official vote reporting services online.

2. the State network watcher was sent home at 9pm before the improbable come-from-behind win making Bush barely beat Kerry in defiance of exit polls beyond their margin of error.

3. The testimony was sealed tight for years, the witnesses gagged and media extremely shy about reporting the story, even after Connell died in a fireball falling from the sky – no network has dare touch it, except for CBS’ online division and some barely there mentions elsewhere. Really, what’s up with the progressive media?

I know hosts have pet issues and sometimes carve out their own areas for reporting. Ironically, they always want exclusives but then hesitate to report something unless everyone else is.

I think Gore Vidal had an interesting premise when he published evidence that FL 2000 went for Gore after a consortium of large newspapers sponsored a recount themselves and then refused to report their own findings.

It might just be too depressing, alarming and upsetting for public consumption. I think this is why Gore and Kerry conceded so quickly, they are convinced that we will turn into Zimbabwe if we have a contested election.

Rachel recently said on the air she has editorial independence at MSNBC, but outgoing Cenk Uygur has a slightly different take, claiming the boss values inside access to DC guests. Also with Citizens United 2012 looming, the profit motive for ad revenue is infinitely greater – don’t count on for-profit networks to look backwards.

And tying with that, who will be wielding hundreds of millions in election spending loot, looking to overtake the Senate, swing state governorships and key judicial seats?

Karl Rove, the man who couldn’t be bothered by an Ohio state subpoena questioning the legality of his secret superpac the day before he used it to win all his midterm races. Unable to face any Americans outside of the News Corp bubble, we need to know why he violated the Presidential Records Act and how he could have such unparalleled ongoing cover in the media, law enforcement, judiciary and even the current White House.

Might it have anything to do with his outspoken support for warrantless wiretaps?

Thank you Gus for this excellent info, which is new to me. I want to include how the San Francisco local media was also completely silent with regards to covering this subject back in 2006 when MCM visited for a several speaking appearances in the first week of October, 2006. The SF Chronicle, and local news channels refused to even put his scheduled appearances on their community calendars or cover it at all. The local PBS affiliate radio station refused to return calls/emails regarding setting up an interview. Even refused to get involved and gave a pass as they have done since the theft of the Nov 2004 election.

Also, don’t forget that some West Coast radio talk shows/hosts that were courageous enough to interview MCM on their shows got cancelled. For example, mysteriously then top rated KGO AM radioshow Bernie Ward got suddenly sick the first night he was scheduled to interview MCM on the evening of Wed, Oct 4th, during which he would have plugged MCM’s only San Francisco appearance the next evening Oct 5th at the Roxie Theater. Bernie finally recovered and interviewed MCM after his only SF appearance on Friday night, Oct 6th.

MCM’s only San Francisco appearance at the Roxie Oct 5th almost didn’t take place due to a mysterious sewage leak that took place underneath the sidewalk adjacent to the Theater’s sewage line which backed up into the theater earlier that week. This event was almost cancelled as there were air blowers still in the main theater as of 6pm that evening and the Roxie had never been shut for more than 3 nights in its 30 plus year history.

The Will Durst and Willie Brown ‘Will and Willie’ show was scheduled to interview MCM on Oct 5th in the morning, and the entire show got cancelled a few days before, so no more ‘Will & Willie’ show, no MCM interview.

Just another coincidence, right?

Plus strange chemical induced drizzle appeared on the afternoon and evening of Wed, Oct 5th, despite the extremely warm Indian summer weather that week, thus influencing people to stay home and not go to his only Oakland appearance Wed Oct 5th at the Oakland Grand Lake theater. The word was from many who had said they were coming that: “I felt sick to my stomach” that evening.

There was a huge “World Can’t Wait” protest in SF and around the SF Bay Area on thursday, Oct 5th, and more strange drizzle rain that morning and mid-day. Many people I knew who walked in that light rain from that morning, Thursday, Oct 5h, got extremely ill with the flu the following week–people who happened to be walking in the SF financial district working to their jobs and had nothing to do with the protests. Instead of using bullets, they used chemspraying to induce the light rain/drizzle and to help those exposed to come down with flu/colds. Almost everytime the “World Can’t Wait” has a big protest, it almost always rains, fyi.

Bernie Ward was being setup for child porn charges and was indicted in Dec 2007 and got 7 years for a first time sentence of possessing and having passed around some photos in an aol chat room.

I think you’re right, if the Dems didn’t just let the GOP steal the 2004 election, yes, they would have called out the troops and started widly shooting at protestors who challenged the results of the 2004 election. It’s been said that Kerry may have been rewarded financially in a backhand way for conceding so quickly, despite having $25million in his war chest that was promised to pay for legal challenges to a rigged election.

All major media has had a total blackout on this subject, and Rachel Maddow gets the OK to go full tilt on her GLBT issues and abortion issues as long as she’s quiet and keeps repeating the mantra that “Bush won the 2004 election fair and square”.

It’s just horrible, Americans really do live in a fascist country, and the wealthy run this country top to bottom. he/she who has the gold makes the golden rule, which is greed dictates that many, many poor, disabled, elderly, disadvantaged people get ripped off in their pursuit of their greed and their belief that they are entilted to their priviledged way of life.

If no one stands up to this, eventually the chemspraying will be escalated to something much more lethal, we can only imagine the worst.

Not only that susan, but the people who don’t want this to get out also sometimes pretend to be one of us. They make rational arguments, agreeing with the careful, responsible journalism, but then take it too far.

This completely poisons the message. For example, the people that cavalierly state that Mike Connell was murdered do more harm than good. It may well be, but only brings the news of what he did in 2004 into a contentious he said/she said that cannot be proven. People zone out.

So it was perfectly played – the way they made this whole thing go away was convolute the solid factual evidence with inconclusive speculation and wild-eyed theories. Another trick is to call for Rove to be killed on the spot, call him a murderous asshole, maggot, etc. This reflects badly on “the left” who then sound rabid or unhinged, but it’s really plants pretending to agree but using inappropriate tone.

This even worked on the lefty press, for example a senior HuffPo editor who was initially intrigued by the story wrote the whole dastardly plot off as ‘conspiracy theory’ after confusing journalists with the armchair detectives who took it too far afield. The real “inception” came from plants though. They could be you or me.

Ken Blackwell hired Bush’s IT guy to manage the official vote count display. This is a damning, mainstream headline. Now the primary documents showing this are unsealed.

End it there for now and the media should have no excuse for whitewashing it. I can see Breitbart taking your comments for example and saying “now the Mike Connell theorists say chemtrails will be doused on everyone for mass mind control”.

There is a nice article on this here –

If you worked in Ohio during this election you KNOW it was stolen!
Free Press did excellent reporting at the time.

Columbus (U of O) campus was flooded with GOP goons telling students if they voted on campus they would loose their health insurance (!!!!). They did a big dirty-tricks & disinfo campaign all across Ohio.

Recall sec. of state and many municipal county clerk officers were GOP goons too. Derelict.

I followed this on as it happened, and I expected the sh*t to hit the fan soon after. But nothing. Silence. And now, since they keep getting away with stealing the vote, it continues. I wonder how good the residents of Pasco Co. FL feel about their votes since the “counting” of the votes has been passed off to a private company.

How would the Republicans feel if these things happened to them? If “our hackers” were better than “their hackers”?. I bet we’d be back to paper ballots, hand-counted by bi-partisan teams, and even video taped to the internet in real time to prevent it from happening again. That’s all we have to do to save this struggling democracy…that,, and automatically register every citizen who’s not incarcerated at age 18 so that they can vote at ANY precinct in their district. Obama won because he had MILLIONS more votes…and he probably needed them to combat the “red shift” that’s going on right now.

No lie. Richard Charnin estimates, credibly, that Obama actually won, or would have won, by over 23 million votes—not the mere 9.5 million by which he won officially.

All the more depressing, then (although not at all surprising), that Obama’s got his eyes wide shut re: GOP election fraud. Always has.

What is keeping this from happening again this year? The names change has this “loophole” been closed yet? JBM

What is keeping this from happening again Nov 6, 2012. The names have changed but the problem is the same. Has this “loophole” been closed yet?

There are many mainstream reports of Republican vote fraud, Nathan Sproul is again on the hot seat with his employee arrested in VA and multiple investigations going on in FL. Also active duty troops found disenfranchised in FL. Separate investigations are underway in Riverside, CA. One Republican lady was busted at the polls for voting twice in NV.

The new OH SOS Jon Husted just made a zero-hour rule change that could arbitrarily invalidate legal ballots and these guys aren’t even ashamed to show their partisan colors.

But this story stood out among all the others as the 2012 election comes to a close – an analysis that suggests Romney primary wins came with the help of electronic vote machines in large precincts. The bigger the precinct, the bigger Romney won:

Also fun reading is this study which showed that 15,000+ absentee ballots were disproportionally rejected to favor white, older Republicans:

I was there in Ohio, working the polls, fighting for justice!!! There was overwhelming support for our Kerry team, tons of signs, stickers, you name it!!…Bush’s first term was not that positive for Ohio-ha, ha!…People were wising up. And then I saw the discrepancies, firsthand–several valid registered voters were NOT on the record at the correct polling place. Being disenfranchised is disgusting to watch!!…
I also heard from many other Ohio friends about the lines and oddities with the machines in major Ohio metros… 4 hours to vote in a predominantly “liberal” area?…But, no problems in the Repub. strongholds??…hmmmm!
It was bogus. I’ll say that to the day I die. As a bellweather, perennial Battleground, Ohio was heavily targeted for this operation, as it was in 2000…

It also was extremely freaky to see the level of Kerry support on the ground and hear the official word that evening in strong favor of Kerry according to all the exit polls…And then watch it eek the other way? (as noted–beyond the margin of error!!) hmmmm.

And do not forget all of the fraudulently “elected” Republican members of Congress as well
as state and local officeholders everywhere who are in office thanks to the manipulation of election results. We will never know the actual number of elections stolen by these treasonous criminals.
The freedom that so many Americans have fought and died for since the founding of our republic has been electronically spirited away.
Stalin is credited with saying that true power lies not with those who cast the votes but with those who count the votes. The Republicans have learned this well and the Democrats are too frightened to challenge this new norm.

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