Under GOP redistricting plan, 300,000 Wisconsites will have to wait 6 years to vote for senator

Under redistricting plan, nearly 300,000 would have 6-year wait for Senate vote
By Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel
July 15, 2011

Madison – Nearly 300,000 Wisconsinites would have to wait six years – two years longer than usual – before they had a chance to vote for a state senator in a regular election under a Republican plan rocketing through the Legislature.

The plan took another big step toward passage Friday.

GOP leaders have drawn new maps of legislative districts that shift many voters from one Senate district to another. Among those voters are 299,533 who last had a chance to vote for a state senator in 2008, but couldn’t do so again in a regular election until 2014, rather than 2012.

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