TWO dead Murdoch whistle-blowers! George Webley and Sean Hoare…

Now Two Murdoch Whistleblowers Dead
By John Romano

(YBH) – First it was Big George Webley who relayed a fear of the Murdoch machine and wound up dead. Now it’s Sean Hoare. Two British media whistleblowers. Two untimely deaths.

Let’s assume that neither was killed by Rupert Murdoch (toxicology reports haven’t been made available; foul play isn’t suspected by British authorities in either case), but something happened that put the fear of God into both men. Neither was known as a lunatic before their demise, both simply told the truth to British authorities about what they knew of Mr. Murdoch’s enterprises and died afterward at a relatively young age.

Mr. Hoare’s role in the evolving scandal is obvious: he worked at News of the World and broke the scandal wide open by charging his former editor, and then Prime Minister David Cameron’s Communications Director Andy Coulson, with lying about his role in NOTW’s phone hacking. Big George, for his part, allegedly revealed in private testimony to British authorities the fact that the Sky TV show he worked on in the early 90′s ,”Jameson Tonight”, had routinely bugged the dressing rooms of guests looking for scoops. Mr Webley’s charge was relevant because News Corp.’s initial defense was that the hacking at NOTW was the work of a rogue reporter. Big George’s charge threw cold water on that defense by helping to establish a pattern of subterfuge over many years at Murdoch-owned enterprises.

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[…] His troubles in Britain are well known. The highly profitable News of the World has been shut down. Murdoch’s bid to lord over Britain’s satellite airwaves has had to be called off. And two former whistleblowers have actually been found dead. […]

The people at News International are like sewer rats, spreading their vileness across the world. Their so called “self righteousness” is nowhere near any moral high grounds. Maybe these investigations and arrests and probable prison sentences will teach them how horrible their behaviour to others has been. Their downfall has been well overdue.

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