To win the WI recalls on Tuesday, we need citizen exit polls & hand-counted paper ballots! (READ IT OR WEEP)

Why we need hand-counted paper ballots and citizen exit polls in the recall elections

By Grant W. Petty, Ph.D. and Sheila Parks, Ed.D.
July 7, 2011
(last updated July 8, 2011,  7:17AM CDT)

Forecasting the outcome of elections weeks in advance is always a risky business, but we nevertheless offer the following confident prediction concerning the outcomes of the nine Senate recall elections currently scheduled in Wisconsin:

In every case, a majority of votes actually cast will be for one of the two candidates.  But in at least some cases, the opposite candidate — perhaps the one you passionately opposed — will ultimately be declared the official victor.

If it turned out we were right, wouldn’t you be upset?  Wouldn’t this outcome (were it known) demolish your confidence in the honesty of our elections and thus, ultimately, in the integrity of our democratic institutions?

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