Those asking if Obama’s war is legal are “defending Ghadafi,” he says

Obama: Questions About War Powers Act ‘Defending’ Gadhafi
Posted By Jason Ditz On June 29, 2011 @ 10:36 am

Speaking today in a rambling press conference covering a myriad of topics, President Obama slammed the members of the House of Representatives for questioning the legality of the Libya War, saying Gadhafi was “somebody who nobody should want to defend.”

President Obama attacked Libya on March 19, using a UN Resolution authorizing a no-fly zone as a pretext. He has refused to seek Congressional authorization under the War Powers Act, saying the war is so one-sided that no troops are really in “harm’s way,” which he believes is the test.

This led Obama to condemn Congress for making defending Gadhafi a “cause celebre” and saying Congress “should be sending out a unified message to this guy.” At the same time, it is a unified message he insists he doesn’t need to continue attacking.

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One reply on “Those asking if Obama’s war is legal are “defending Ghadafi,” he says”

Well, here’s my answer: yes, I’m one of those who are asking if the US invasion is legal, and yes, I admit that I’m proud of defending Col.Gaddafi :). In this world of ever-changing rules one must at least try to play a fair game, even if those in power cannot afford it without risking their reputation, or are simply banned to do it!

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