The latest on citizen exit polls in Wisconsin: GAB, in talks with EDA, may now ALLOW them in the recall elections

Wisconsin ‘Government Accountability Board’ Shuts Down Recall Election Exit Polling

By Emily Levy on 7/13/2011 10:58am
Says nonpartisan polling ‘electioneering’ because candidates’ names appear on exit poll ‘ballot’
UPDATED TWICE: G.A.B. responds, then corrects original response…

Guest blogged by Emily Levy

UPDATE 7/16/11: After being told that Magney was wrong in his contention that “Regular exit pollsters conduct their business by interviewing voters and recording the answers themselves,” he wrote back to say:

Hi Emily,

I think they’re done both ways. We’ve just recently received some information about exit polls being done in writing, so I’m feeling a bit unsure of what I wrote earlier, so you might leave that out. We’re going to be talking with EDA soon to discuss future polls so we’re all on the same page.


Reid Magney, public information officer
Wisconsin Government Accountability Board

In fact, The BRAD BLOG has confirmed that Election Defense Alliance (EDA) has been in discussions with the G.A.B., and seem to have worked things out to allow for exit polls in this Tuesday’s upcoming recall election (two Republican recall election primaries, and one actual recall election for one Democratic state Senator). We may have more details on that here soon.

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