The 10 scariest GOP governors (at least 4 of whom were not elected), + 1 pretty scary Democrat

The 10 Scariest GOP Governors: Bringing a Radical Right-Wing Agenda To a State Near You
AlterNet / By Sarah Jaffe

The 2010 election saw a right-wing sweep [wrong!] of many state governor’s races, and those governors haven’t been shy about pushing their conservative shock treatment.

July 6, 2011 | Ranking the worst Republican governors is next to impossible. Since the Tea Party sound and fury swept the Class of 2010 into power in swing states and even true-blue states like New Jersey, it’s been more like a horse race between the main contenders. One will propose a law that seems so terrifying it could never make it through the legislature, let alone be topped. Then it passes, and in the blink of an eye another state’s trying to outdo it.

These governors all have some things in common. Most of them were elected in 2010 while progressive turnout was depressed and conservative anger, particularly the virulent anti-government type springing from the Tea Party movement, spilled over at the polls. Many of them took over swing states from Democratic administrations. Most of them did not run on promises to take away collective bargaining from workers, slash pensions and health care and outlaw abortion. Instead, they focused on jobs—and, admittedly, their own solution to creating jobs, which is, of course, cutting taxes.

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