Stop the presses! Chicago Tribune plans print-only content

July 23rd, 2011

Joe Knowles, Associate Managing Editor of the Chicago Tribune, has told brucejquiller in an e-mail exchange that the newspaper will carry some content exclusive to its printed edition: “I think you’ll see some content that is print-only, so we can keep it out of the aggregation pool. If we are charging people for the paper and calling it premium (as opposed to putting it online for free) we need to restrict the access somehow.”

I asked if his paper planned to install a pay wall for online readers as the New York Times did recently.

“We have been experimenting with restricting access to some content online,” Knowles said. “You’ll have to register to get certain things. Eventually there may be some sort of pay system, but I don’t think we have it all figured out yet. I don’t know if anyone has it all figured out yet. Inevitably, the model will have to change. The current free-for-all system isn’t smart or sustainable.”

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Fish wrap and garbage can liner just as the NYT and the WAPO are. Nothing to glean from reading the corporate media propaganda anyway.

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