ProPublica’s guide to the Murdoch phone-hacking scandal

Our Reader’s Guide to the Phone Hacking Scandal
by Braden Goyette
ProPublica, July 12, 2011, 3:38 p.m.

Though News of the World shut its doors on Sunday, the UK’s hacking scandal is deepening. Allegations of illegal activity have spread beyond News of the World to other Murdoch papers, and far beyond hacking into people’s voice mails. With all the new details emerging, it’s getting hard to keep track. Here’s a brief rundown of the latest revelations. (See our first reader’s guide for an explanation of the early days of the phone hacking scandal.)

The News of the World drew fresh outrage last week as news broke that the family members of dead soldiers, murdered children, and 7/7 terrorist attack victims may have had their phones hacked by the paper. There have also been allegations that the paper hacked the email account of a soldier who died in Iraq.

Scotland Yard has been combing through 11,000 pages of documents seized from the home of Glenn Mulcaire, the private investigator who hacked phones for News of the World. The papers include around 4,000 names of potential phone hacking victims. Investigators are working through the list and contacting the victims — as of yesterday, they’d only gotten in touch with 170 of them. Meanwhile, a News International senior executive is suspected of deleting “massive quantities” of phone hacking-related emails.

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