Pro-voucher Tea-bag group comes clean: They want to “shut down public schools”

Pro-Voucher Tea Party Group Admits It Wants To ‘Shut Down Public Schools And Have Private Schools Only’
By Zaid Jilani on Jul 11, 2011 at 7:50 pm

As ThinkProgress has documented, a tightly-knit group of right-wing Political Action Committees (PACs) and corporate foundations have unleashed an assault on public education, pushing school voucher schemes nationwide that would funnell taxpayer dollars away from public schools and toward private schools instead. In doing so, many of these voucher advocates claim they simply want to expand school choice and improve the quality of education for all.

Yet one group that has been influential in the school voucher push — the Independence Hall Tea Party, which has run a major PAC that operates in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania — is finally admitting that its true goal is to abolish public education.

In a series of e-mails and interviews, Teri Adams, the president of the Idependence Hall Tea Party Association, explains that her organization is involved in its voucher advocacy because it believes “public schools should go away.” Adams said that their ultimate goal is to “shut down public schools and have private schools only“:

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3 replies on “Pro-voucher Tea-bag group comes clean: They want to “shut down public schools””

You mean the public schools that have been completely ineffective in teaching America’s youth? Heavens to betsy, these crazy tea partiers want to break up a failing government monopoly!

But keep throwing those insults around. It really shows your desperation.

Oh yeah, monolithic, profit-driven, and unaccountable (except to their CEO’s and shareholders) private corporations will set us free. Just what the doctor ordered to help improve America’s educational system- a Koch brothers and Dick Armey funded steady diet of funamentalist Christian dogma, xenophobic and brazenly false US history, and Ayn Rand. Maybe, if they study and pray real hard, they’ll grow up to be just like Sarah Palin! Ya’ betcha!!!!

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