Ohioans will get to vote on Tea-bag union-busting bill—and it will surely “win,” no matter how they vote

Count on SB 5 being on ballot
By Ben Geier

It’s (not quite) official: Ohioans will have the chance to vote yes or no on the controversial public employee collective-bargaining bill known as Senate Bill 5.

Based on preliminary numbers provided to The Dispatch by county boards of elections, the petition to place the referendum on the Nov. 8 ballot has enough valid statewide signatures from just two counties, Cuyahoga and Franklin.

Collectively, these two counties have validated more than 235,000 signatures. Fewer than 232,000 signatures are needed to place the item on the ballot. Additionally, at least 44 of Ohio’s 88 counties must have signatures from 3 percent of the number of votes cast in each county in the 2010 governor’s election.

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