Oh, “we’re broke,” huh? Nine GOP senators use Wisconsinites’ tax dollars to pay for their ALEC memberships!

Senate Republicans Make Taxpayers Finance Corporate ALEC Group
Despite Claims ‘We’re Broke,’ Nine Senate Republicans Forced Taxpayers to Pay For Their ALEC Membership This Year, 12 Total Have Current Membership Paid for by Taxpayers

Madison — Twelve current Wisconsin Republican state Senators have forced taxpayers to finance their private membership in the corporate special interest group, the American Legislative Exchange Council, according to documents obtained through an open records request by One Wisconsin Now. The list includes nine Senate Republicans who had taxpayers finance their ALEC memberships this year at the same time they were voting to strip collective bargaining rights from Wisconsin workers and planning drastic cuts to education, health care and public services, claiming the state is in fiscal crisis.

“Senators like Dan Kapanke and Alberta Darling claim the state is broke, but they use our tax dollars to pay for their private membership in a corporate special interest group,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “The American Legislative Exchange Council is nothing more than a corporate propaganda machine and Kapanke, Darling and the other 10 Senate Republicans should immediate return the taxpayers’ money and apologize for this improper use of our tax dollars.”

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