Murdoch bravely disclaims ALL responsibility: “Hey, my people, and their people, did it!”

From: CNN Breaking News []

Rupert Murdoch said he is not ultimately responsible for “this fiasco,” referring to the ever-widening phone-hacking scandal clouding the operations of News Corp. He blamed “the people I trusted and the people they trusted.”

Murdoch and his son James have been answering questions from a committee of British Parliament for almost an hour. Most of the questions have focused on their knowledge of the scandal. In answering the lawmakers, the elder Murdoch has taken long pauses, asked for questions to be repeated and admitted he didn’t recognize the names of some people who had worked for him for decades.

Once the Murdochs conclude their appearance, former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks will answer questions.

Watch all of it live at and on CNN.

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