London police suspect Murdoch exec deleted “millions of emails”

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Police suspect a Murdoch executive deleted ‘millions of emails’
By David Edwards
Friday, July 8th, 2011 — 11:15 am

London police are investigating the possibility that an executive working for Rupert Murdoch’s News International deleted “millions of emails” in an attempt to thwart a phone hacking probe, reports said Friday.

On two separate occasions, a senior executive is thought to have erased “massive quantities” of messages, according to The Guardian.

One of the massive deletions may have happened in January, just as police were launching “Operation Weeting” to look into charges that reporters at News of the World hacked voicemails.

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Orwellrollsinhisgrave [Moderator]:

I interviewed two house workers, a cook and a maid, who had worked for the Murdochs for 18 months.

They would not allow me to use the video interview material for my film “Orwell Rolls In His Grave” (they were fearful of not being able to work for the rich and famous in the future, but they hadn’t signed secrecy or nondisclosure documents; they did allow me to use a couple of their personal photos, one of which I used at the end of the film (a photo of Rupert in his home holding his new rifle – a Christmas present). I can paraphrase a couple things they said though. Rupert is very charming and likable. They did mention a particular thing about him; his laugh. The cook mimicked it, a guttural cackle that they both described as Satanic.

They also spoke about a dinner they served to the Murdoch family, in which the topic of a gleeful was “People they had fired”. The cook and maid were shocked at the tone as the family deliciously related amongst themselves this or that termination. As she related it, the housekeeper drew a finger across her neck and said ‘Off with their heads’ indicating what this would have indicated centuries ago – the tone was the same to her.

But Murdoch may have met his match in Rebekah Wade Brooks, who sounds like a sociopath, and who likely has the goods on Rupert. The NY Times’ described their relationship as she being a Favorite daughter – that he is very attached to her – leads me to believe that she could take him down. Tina Brown’s husband Evans – who worked for Murdoch – called him treacherous; so my guess this is the hardest of hardball/softball situations, Shakespearian. Ms Brooks should be careful.

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