It’s been 48 YEARS since JFK’s assassination! Why won’t the NYTimes pull its head out of the sand re: Lee Harvey Oswald?

The NY Times’ Ostrich Act On JFK Assassination Getting Old
By Russ Baker on Jul 27, 2011

Despite overwhelming contrary evidence, Oswald still labeled “leftist”

Nobody’s perfect. But it’s hard to think of anything as unworthy of a high-quality journalistic institution as the New York Times’ decades-long determination to never, ever, find any reason to question the original story spun by the Warren Commission on the JFK assassination. No matter how much new evidence has come out to the contrary.

It reminds a bit of the forever-blinkered character Sgt. Schultz on the old tv showHogan’s Heroes (“I see NUUU-singg”—here’s a good clip, watch first minute of so…)

Ask any reporter, privately, what he or she thinks on this issue. Putting aside those who will demur on the basis of not having read widely on the topic (a surprisingly large number), you’ll find most believing that the “lone nut” or “Leftist loner” narratives about Oswald are utter junk. This would certainly apply in the New York Timesnewsroom.

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