Israeli right has Ralph Reed steering Tea-baggers & GOP their way

EXCLUSIVE: As Ralph Reed Steers ‘GOP Israel Primary,’ Documents Reveal Right-Wing Israeli Group Is Paying Him
By Lee Fang on Jul 15, 2011 at 10:10 am

Hawkish pro-Israel positions have become a litmus test for Republican candidates, particularly in the 2012 presidential campaign. And one of the political operatives driving this phenomenon is none other than Ralph Reed, the disgraced lobbyist who left the Christian Coalition to form Century Strategies. Reed’s newest group, the Faith and Freedom Coalition, has actively encouraged Tea Party activists and GOP politicians to champion far right Israeli priorities. Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Danny Danon helped headline Reed’s last Faith and Freedom conference, where nearly every GOP presidential candidate spoke.

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One thought on “Israeli right has Ralph Reed steering Tea-baggers & GOP their way”

  1. ooh jesus, save us from your followers… ralph reed always struck me as being like one of those evil boys stephen king created… and israel is backing him? whoa and whew! the darkside is very strong here…

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