Imagine a MoveOn that doesn’t suck up to the Democratic Party (You may say I’m a dreamer…)

Imagine a MoveOn That Doesn’t Answer to Democrats
By David Swanson

On Friday I read in the New York Times that President Obama would be happy to cut $200 billion out of Medicare in order to inflict pain on his Democratic base, part of an imagined tradeoff in which the two parties inflict pain on their imagined bases in order to reduce the deficit without imposing sensible taxes on billionaires or shrinking military spending to sane levels. Also on Friday I got an Email from True Majority asking me to celebrate Obama’s defense of Medicare.

We’ve progressed from “I feel your pain” to “I inflict your pain,” and we’re being told to like it.

“President Obama: If you stand up to the Republican hostage-takers and protect Medicare,” it says on’s website, “we will have your back.” Or, of course, even if you don’t do that, President Obama, even if the whole idea of it is based on myths about who is on whose side, MoveOn and most other online groups that don’t have the back of the Republican Party will have yours. That’s the way this game works. Except that it hasn’t been working.

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