Iceland, in a peaceful revolution, busts the banksters & throws out its government! (Now THAT’s democracy!)

Iceland, a country that wants to punish the bankers responsible for the crisis

Since 2008 the vast majority of the Western population dream about saying “no” to the banks, but no one has dared to do so. No one except the Icelanders, who have carried out a peaceful revolution that has managed not only to overthrow a government and draft a new constitution, but also seeks to jail those responsible for the country’s economic debacle.

Pressenza Reikjavik, 3/28/11 Last week 9 people were arrested in London and Reykjavik for their possible responsibility for Iceland’s financial collapse in 2008, a deep crisis which developed into an unprecedented public reaction that is changing the country’s direction.

It has been a revolution without weapons in Iceland, the country that hosts the world’s oldest democracy (since 930), and whose citizens have managed to effect change by going on demonstrations and banging pots and pans. Why have the rest of the Western countries not even heard about it?

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One thought on “Iceland, in a peaceful revolution, busts the banksters & throws out its government! (Now THAT’s democracy!)”

  1. yes, the world’s oldest street-corner democracy does this! i suggest that they sue the wallstreeters responsible. not just for the money but for the massive crime against humanity their criminal schemes caused. UN in 2008 estimated that AT LEAST & MILLION WOULD DIE UNDER IT! that is a number at level of holocaust! yet none in prison for it?

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