Has Roger Ailes hacked US phones for Fox News? (Why wouldn’t he?)

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Has Roger Ailes Hacked American Phones for Fox News?
Leslie Savan | July 13, 2011

“Has Roger Ailes been keeping tabs on your phone calls?”

That’s how began [1] a post back in 2008, when a former Fox News executive charged that Ailes had outfitted a highly secured “brain room” in Fox’s New York headquarters for “counterintelligence” and may have used it to hack into private phone records.

All this week people have been looking for links between the Murdoch empire’s burgeoning phone-hacking scandal in Britain and News Corp.’s sprawling political/communications juggernaut in the United States. The links so far include a former New York City cop alleging [2] that Murdoch’s now-defunct News of the World offered to pay him to hack into 9/11 victims’ phone records, and a News Corp. US shareholders’ suit in Delaware already targeting the company for nepotism adding British phone hacking [3] as evidence of a corporate culture “run amuck.”

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