Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee asks the Kochs for a donation (yes, you read that right), and the Kochs are not amused

Cash-Seeking Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Wants Some Of That Sweet, Sweet Koch
First Posted: 7/8/11 10:05 AM ET Updated: 7/8/11 01:56 PM ET

One of the generic political stories that has been told again and again over the course of the past year is the ground-level battles between progressive activists and the Koch Brothers — those uber-wealthy, climate change-denying, union-busting heads of a major energy conglomerate. The Kochs are perhaps best known for big donations to the GOP, semi-secret conclaves with the bete-noires of the liberal set, and for being the kind of people who can get Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on the phone, lickety-split.

Now, you wouldn’t think that there would be much affinity between the Kochs and the establishment Democratic Party. But you’d be wrong! Apparently, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee heard about the Koch Brothers and said, “Hmmm. Koch Brothers, eh? Does their money fold like everyone else’s money? I can put their money in my wallet, you say? Okay, then we would like to have some of that money, please!”

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