Dayton caves!

From Jeremy Hubbell:


Gov. shutdown was getting pretty bad for the “people”—stories were on the front page of the paper about running out of beer and cigarettes in
a few weeks as vendors run out of licenses. Oh, and Miller/Coors has to be removed from shelves… But, just in the knick of time, I read on
the Star Tribune website this evening that Dayton has caved to the GOP! Whew! Free beers all around! The shutdown will end in a few days
(story below). Details will probably be in tomorrow’s paper but I think one commentator (“europea”) got it right:

“This is a total sell-out by Governor Dayton. It merely kicks the can down the road again, and sets Minnesota up for more political tricks next
year. For the Republicans, it is vindication of their overall strategy: lard up the legislative pipeline with outrageous social issue bills to scare
the wits out of the DFL, then throw them away to get a reduced budget that preserves the tax advantages for the very rich (donor overlords). Republicans: your plan worked. The only casualties were the Minnesotans who actually work (or want to work) for a living, which you don’t
really care about anyway.”

So there you have it: union-busting working in Wisconsin, and budget-busting has finally worked in the land of Arne Carlson…

I bet as MN goes, so goes the nation. Bush tax cuts forever!


Dayton, GOP reach a budget deal to end the two-week government shutdown
Baird Helgeson, Star Tribune

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton and GOP legislative leaders announced Thursday evening they have reached a budget deal to end a two week government shutdown.

After a three-hour meeting with GOP leaders, Dayton said the shutdown will be done “very soon, within days.”

Dayton agreed to drop his insistence on a tax hike and accept the Republican offer to borrow money to balance the budget.

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