Corporate take-over—a/k/a “fascism”—in Wisconsin (and that includes the voting system, don’t forget)

Corporate Take Over in Wisconsin

Corporate Take OverGovernor Walker has an agenda with intricate detail on how to sell off our state assets to the highest bidder, defund our public schools, remove pesky regulations protecting our land and environment, and segregate the wealthy from the poor further by removing the middle class.

Sounds like a conspiracy theory at first glance, I know, but the insurmountable evidence uncovered by the people fighting back against the corporate takeover of our state has shown that ignoring it and discounting it is what our illustrious Governor is counting on.

How much more clear can you get than Walker’s own words? Here they are. Then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is “teasing” the audience about things to come including transferring assets from the county to the state, privatizing services and eliminating county government. He is talking to the same Julia Taylor that sent him the emails outlined in this article by Badger Democracy. The emails can be read here and here. He needed Republicans to fulfill his plan and instill the means to declare municipalities and county government bankrupt and seize the assets for his corporate elite.

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