Climate cranks assemble at Koch/Exxon’s Heartland Institute; “We’re in a cold spell,” says James Inhofe (who couldn’t be there — “has a cold”)

Why do they hang the “conspiracy theory” label on the so-called 9/11 “truthers,” and (less so) on Glenn Beck—but not on these well-funded loons? Their disinformation will all too soon have made the Earth unlivable, and, therefore, the USA impossible. So where’s the universal chorus of derision? They see the “green agenda” as a deliberate plot to ruin the US economy. If that’s no (darkly) laughable, what is?

As it happens, Koch and Exxon/Mobil have WAY too much money to allow the corporate press to air such necessary mockery; and so THESE denialists get away with it.


Climate Change Skeptics Unite At Heartland Conference
Lucia Graves

WASHINGTON — Prominent climate change skeptics gathered at the Heartland Institute’s sixth international conference on climate change on Friday to take on the body of scientific evidence showing that human emissions are contributing to global warming.

Sen. Jim Inhofe, a famous climate change denier, was set to headline the event’s kickoff on Thursday, but canceled when he came down with a cold. Instead the Oklahoma Republican, who has long called climate change a hoax, insisting “we’re in a cold spell,” sent a statement alleging that while President Obama may have scaled back his speechifying on energy and the environment, he has not given up trying to push forward a green agenda in creative ways.

“He understands that the green agenda is not popular but that doesn’t mean he has given up trying to implement it,” Inhofe said in a written statement. “Take a good close look at the President’s administration. With sky high unemployment and a weak economy, who does he ask to head the Department of Commerce? The founder of the Natural Resource Defense Council, John Bryson. That’s right, a committed green activist who supported legislation that would have imposed huge costs on consumers and shipped American jobs overseas.”

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