Ben Stein calls for raising taxes on the rich, Fox reporter asks WI SC Justices about “the Strangler.” What’s up?

From Robert Pappas:


I happened to turn on “The O’Reilly Factor” two nights ago. Laura Ingraham was subbing. Her guest was
Ben Stein, normally a reliable right-wing supply-sider. She did the usual set-up questions in re: the deficit.
He flatly said: We have to raise taxes on the rich.

She lost it and started attacking him. He stood his ground: “I respect your intelligence, Laura, but there is
no data backing up the claim that lower taxes for the rich is good for the economy.” She flipped.

Then, yesterday, Fox News 6—a local outlet—importuned each of the WI Supreme Court justices (at various
locations) who witnessed Proesser’s choke hold. None of them would comment. Very insistent reporting.

Is this just chance? I don’t know.


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