At News of the World, phone-hacking was more rampant “than previously thought,” and they were paying cops for dirt on people, internal memos show

News International Memos Reveal Wider Phone Hacking
By Dan Sabbagh and Sam Jones, Guardian UK
10 July 11

2007 memos appear to show phone hacking more widespread than previously thought and that NoW paid police for information.

Police have been handed internal News International memos from 2007 that appear to acknowledge that the practice of phone hacking was more widespread than previously thought and that police were paid for helping with stories.

The memos – which were written in the wake of the jailing of the News of the World’s former royal editor Clive Goodman and the newspaper’s £100,000-a-year private investigator Glenn Mulcaire – allegedly show that the pair were not the only News International employees implicated in phone hacking. The memos have now been passed to police investigating the matter.

The disclosure of the memos comes four years after the then executive chairman of News International, Les Hinton, told MPs that the organisation believed Goodman was the sole staff offender.

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