5 reasons why Internet access in the US is a big disaster

There are vast stretches of America—known also as “the greatest country in the world”—where people can’t get on the Internet. This is not just an unhappy economic situation (all those folks unable to buy baby wipes and DVD’s from Amazon!) but a major CIVIC problem, as those regions also tend to have no local media, which means that they have no alternatives to Christianist broadcasting and the corporate press (assuming there’s a difference). This doesn’t mean that everybody out there would immediately check out worthy sites, but it does mean that thosewho would, or might, cannot. (People cannot know what they don’t know until they see it.)

Yet another indication that the media policy in this, the planet’s greatest country, isn’t fit for human beings.


5 Reasons Internet Access in America is a Disaster
By: John Cheese
June 09, 2011

Right now, I’m typing this column from a friend’s shed. At 1:30 a.m. — it’s 100 degrees inside. There is no bathroom. It smells like oil and gasoline from the lawnmower behind me. Why? Because Internet access in a large part of America is kind of fucked.

When you hear people complain about it — say, when somebody jokes about how jealous they are of their Korean friend’s 50 MB/s connection — everybody assumes they’re complaining about how long it takes to torrent an HD movie or whining about a latency disadvantage in Call of Duty.

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