Wisconsin GOP trying desperately to stall recall elections

Recall primaries could be costly to taxpayers
By Patrick Marley and Emma Roller of the Journal Sentinel
June 7, 2011

Madison – A Republican effort to stall recall elections by forcing Democratic primaries to be held will cost taxpayers at least tens of thousands of dollars, a check of local election clerks shows.

Meanwhile, the top Senate Republican said Tuesday that all GOP recall targets were familiar with the plan to delay the recall elections by fielding fake Democrats in primaries. Earlier, some of those recall targets claimed they didn’t know about the plan.

Recall elections for six Republican senators are scheduled for July 12. If there are multiple candidates from the same party in any of those elections, the July 12 election becomes a primary election, and a general recall election will be scheduled for Aug. 9.

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4 replies on “Wisconsin GOP trying desperately to stall recall elections”

Mark, is there any possibility of you and other election integrity advocates speaking at the October2011 event?
I wrote them about this issue and actually heard back from Margaret Flowers, saying that election integrity advocates are some of the organizers of the event. I know VR is listed at the site.
I think this would be a wonderful opportunity.
I have posted almost the exact same message to Brad at BradBlog.

My apology to Mark and all readers, I thought posting here was writing to Mark through the blog. I am just hoping that some individuals that care about election integrity will contact the organizers of October2011 about being able to speak at the event.

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