Why the Greeks are in the streets—and what the cops are doing to them

From Allen Feldman:

The seminal Greek documentary Debtocracy, on the current violence of EU and IMF neoliberalism:

The struggle for self-constituting democracy has expanded from North Africa , the Gulf and Syria to Syntagma Square, Athens, the eulogized birthplace of the demos. The death/rebirth of Hellenic democracy and the massive police violence on democratic sovereignty, with 1,000 civilian casualties to date, can be witnessed on 24-hour webcam at:

LIVE STREAMING: Πεδίο μάχης το Σύνταγμα by News247

Today the Greek police almost succeeded, where Mubarak’s thugs failed in Tahrir: in evicting democracy. They blockaded the square, used massive tear-gas clouds to disperse the protesters, and burned the medical tents set up to treat the wounded, who were forced to flee with medical personnel to a nearby subway station.

Note how well-equipped, in this country of economic austerity, are the Greek police with their body armor and the latest in tear gas hoses that eject gas like bug spray directly into people’s faces (something I haven’t seen before). I was told by an Athenian anthropologist that the day the socialist PASOK party assumed power, the police presence in the streets escalated out of all proportion to the levels of crime and/or protest at that time.

Greek Police repression-technology can be seen here:

Allen Feldman

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