WHY does Big Oil get $4 BILLION in taxpayer subsidies? Let’s stop it!

Sign the Declaration to End Dependence on Taxpayers.

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In just 24 hours, we’ve collected more than 5,000 signatures on our declaration to end Big Oil’s dependence on taxpayers.

The support makes it clear that taxpayers don’t want to be paying an extra $4 billion in subsidies on top of the $4 a gallon we pay at the pump. The big five oil companies announced $34 billion in first-quarter profits earlier this year. That’s $258,752 a minute, in profits! They don’t need our subsidies to keep them afloat.

Help us reach our goal of 10,000 signatures by signing our declaration to end Big Oil’s dependence on taxpayers.

If left untouched, these subsidies will cost taxpayers $43 billion over the next 10 years.

The debate over budget deficits has put a spotlight on these subsidies, and the more you look, the worse they seem. We are facing steep cuts to mass transit and high-speed rail projects — exciting and forward-thinking transportation choices for the 21st century — while maintaining unnecessary subsidies to oil and gas.

The stark contrast provides an unprecedented opportunity to end oil subsidies once and for all. The president has proposed cutting these handouts in his budget. Fifty-two senators including both Democrats and Republicans voted to end the subsidies.

We need to keep the pressure on, and make sure Congress hears from us now.

Please sign the declaration today.

And then please forward this message on to your friends and family.


Andre Delattre
U.S. PIRG Executive Director

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5 replies on “WHY does Big Oil get $4 BILLION in taxpayer subsidies? Let’s stop it!”


If you took away their $4 billion subsidy (which you won’t), they would just raise the price to make up for the loss. Want to venture how much that would be?

2.9 cents per gallon!

0.7 percent of $4

Big deal….

Want to do America a real favor? Stop the Amtrak subsidy. They’d have to raise prices about $35 per trip to break even. Now, THAT’s a subsidy!

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