Why can’t the NYTimes get the ACORN story right? Are they REQUIRED to get it wrong, time after time?

Still Wrong: No, NYTimes, ACORN Workers Didn’t Advise O’Keefe How to ‘Evade Taxes’ Either

PLUS: Breitbart tells yet another ‘provable lie’…

How many times can the New York Times, the country’s so-called “Paper of Record,” misreport the very same story?! Even after being called out repeatedly on it? They seem to be working on breaking their very own previously set record at this point.

In the yet another puff-piece on Rightwing scam-artist Andrew Breitbart, published over the weekend, in which he’s described as being “careless with facts,” the Times’ Jeremy W. Peters continues the paper’s long and proud record of being exceedingly careless with facts themselves in reporting on the faked ACORN “pimp” videos created in 2009 by Republican activist and convicted federal criminal James O’Keefe, as published by Breitbart.

That, even as Breitbart would once again provably lie to the media — this time to Fox “News” anchor John Stossel — about the tapes once again just late last week….


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