What’s Monsanto propaganda doing on public radio? Tell “Marketplace” to drop it—or be dropped!

From Gianni Ortiz:

The Non-organic Future

I don’t often pass on petitions but this particular story is a standout, above and beyond the generally failing state of independent journalism. If you’re inclined to let your local public radio station know that you would like Marketplace scrubbed from the roster—and perhaps replaced with some legitimate reporting like Democracy Now, Al Jazeera or Counterspin—you can contact WAMC here, or here (518)465-5233. You can find your local station here.

Marketplace is blocking further comments (those posted were almost entirely appalled by the blatant Monsanto paid for propaganda piece) but there was enough of a outcry that they publish a Note from the Editor.


Tell American Public Media: Report the facts, not anti-organic propaganda paid for by Monsanto.

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