Weiner’s outing was coordinated with Darrell Issa’s office

June 08, 2011 06:00 AM
The Smoking Gun: Attack On Weiner Was Coordinated With Darrell Issa’s Office. Hmm.
By Susie Madrak

So while Weiner did what he did, looks like the attack on his Twitter escapades was helped along by a political heavy hitter’s office. I’m sure it’s just a coinky dink!

When are Democrats going to learn you don’t play nice with these people? There’s a lot of dirt on these Republicans, and it’s time the Dems started acting just like they do. It’s a shame, really:

JUNE 6–The online duo who spearheaded a vicious months-long Twitter assault on Representative Anthony Weiner–whom they accused of improper contact with underage girls–apparently consulted with an aide to a powerful House Republican as they mulled over how to release information about Weiner’s purported relationship with a Delaware teenager, The Smoking Gun has learned.

In a series of e-mails exchanged on May 25, Mike Stack and his Twitter sidekick “Dan Wolfe” discussed a Tumblr posting by the high school student that they believed showed she was having “private conversations” with Weiner. Wolfe, who noted that he had made screen captures of the girl’s Tumblr blog, exclaimed, “This is MAJOR!”

Beginning earlier this year, Stack (a porn site moderator) and Wolfe (whose true identity is unknown) have carefully monitored Weiner’s Twitter page to catalogue the young women being followed by the New York Democrat. In several instances, they have sent tweets directly to these women “warning” them about the politician. The insinuation in these messages–as well as in postings on their individual Twitter pages–was that Weiner was a predator.

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Darrell Issa is a dangerous man! No one seems to realize it or they are too complacent. I have sent a request to the House Ethics Committee that they initiate an investigation into Issa’s recent land bargains in California and the SEC and Issa’s Goldman-Sachs connections. No response, of course!
So, it is no surprise that the man who orchestrated and paid for the recall of Governor Gray Davis (D), Ca., is still actively involved in bringing down legislators that oppose his view. Granted, Rep. Weiner made poor choices, but he is NOT Senator David Vitter!

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