Vegas mayoral candidate tries to vote for self, sees her VOTE FLIPPED by e-voting machine

Carolyn Goodman (a Democrat) won anyway, and by a hefty margin, so she’s complacent—thinks it was her fingernails that caused the “glitch,” and not the (as Brad Friedman puts it here) “illegally-certified, 100% unverifiable Sequoia AVC Edge” gadget that she “voted” on.


Las Vegas Mayoral Candidate Sees Own Vote Flipped to Opponent on Touch-screen Voting Machine
By Brad Friedman on 6/7/2011 8:15pm

It took two tries, but Carolyn Goodman, candidate for Mayor of Las Vegas, and wife of current Mayor Oscar Goodman, was finally able to vote for herself today on Nevada’s illegally-certified, 100% unverifiable Sequoia AVC Edge touch-screen voting machines. At least she thinks she did. Whether her vote will actually be counted for her is something that nobody can ever know…

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