US delays—again—the sentencing of Tim DeChristopher (2 items)

BREAKING: DeChristopher sentencing delayed, actions to proceed on June 23
By Peaceful Uprising
– June 16, 2011

The revolution will not be rescheduled

By issuing another last-minute delay, Judge Dee Benson has made it clear that he is desperate to avoid public accountability for the persecution of peaceful climate justice activist Tim DeChristopher. The change was made directly following our announcement that there would be nationwide solidarity actions on June 23rd. It is another attempt to defeat citizen organizing, and it must not succeed.

Such delay tactics did not work before. Tim’s trial was rescheduled nine times over a period of two years–without explanation. They can do the same with the sentencing hearing, but those fighting for a just and healthy world know that we cannot wait.

Staging large rallies without a sentence being handed down doesn’t make sense. So we have created a modified plan. Peaceful Uprising has prepared a simple action that anyone can take on June 23rd. All it takes is an email, a camera, and a quick trip to your local federal courthouse.

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Subhankar Banerjee
Who Is Tim DeChristopher? From Coal Belt, Through Mountain Trails, on Route to a Prison Cell
Posted: 06/16/11 12:30 PM ET

Often we focus on a single act — more heroic the act is, more attention we pay. We also focus on a single result — more it tends toward either end of a good-bad spectrum, more attention we pay. Along the way, we skip the journey that led to the act or realize that the result is only a small stop on a long journey. Such is the story of young climate justice activist Tim DeChristopher, who is without a doubt a lighting rod of his generation.

We’ve come to know Tim DeChristopher through his one courageous act of civil disobedience — of disrupting an ill-conceived oil and gas auction on 150,000 acres of public lands in southern Utah that the George W. Bush administration pushed through fast track leasing during the last days of his presidency. The auction took place on December 17, 2008. That day, bidder-imposter Tim DeChristopher successfully bought (without any money) 22,000 acres of land near Moab and the Canyon Lands National Park and saved it from fossil fuel extraction. On March 3, 2011 he was convicted of ‘fraud’ and now he awaits sentencing to take place come Thursday on June 23rd — up to ten years in federal prison plus a $750,000 fine to be handed to him by the Barack Obama administration.

Even though I wrote about Tim in March after his guilty verdict, I knew little about the person and have ever since been curious, “Who is Tim DeChristopher?”

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