Two journalists arrested at Wisconsin Capitol

2 thoughts on “Two journalists arrested at Wisconsin Capitol”

  1. Is it possible to ID these women and the organizations they work for?

    And, as a sympathetic leftie, may I ask: What situation has ever been made better by chanting at it?

    This isn’t Syria. A handcuffing or two is the least a reporter can expect in that kind of atmosphere. Ultimately it will enhance their cred.

  2. Yes, the chanting does no good. As a kind of ritual behavior that recalls
    the Sixties (or “the Sixties”), it may make the chanters feel unified, but has
    no worthwhile practical effect that I can see (other than providing a dramatic
    soundtrack for the video).

    The reporters are Sam Mayfield and Alex Norgerin Garcis. Sam is from
    Burlington, and Alex may be, too.

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