Time to bury nuclear power forever!

Are We on the Brink of Burying Nuke Power Forever? by Harvey Wasserman (& radio debut)

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Harvey Wasserman
Are we on the brink of burying nuke power forever?
June 15, 2011

This may be the moment history has turned definitively against atomic energy.

To be sure: we are still required to fight hard to bury reactor loan guarantees in the United States. There are parallel struggles in China, Indian, England, France and South Korea.

The great fear is that until every single reactor on this planet is shut, none of us is really safe from another radioactive horror show.

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note that in november of 2008, read at MIT’s techreview that the swiss research institute had released a massive 4-volume study on the nuclear industry and showed flatly that uranium is rapidly running out and will be virtually gone by 2030… i phoned and wrote of this repeatedly to congressmen to no avail… doing their usual bad homework.

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