The war on drugs is a gigantic racist scam

40 Years of Drug War Hasn’t Worked; “Time for a Change,” Says 9-Year Vetera
By Eric Sterling,
June 15, 2011

The “War on Drugs” was launched by President Richard
Nixon 40 years ago this week. In 1980, at the end of its
first decade, I began a nine-year career as a “captain”
in the war on drugs. I was the attorney in the U.S.
House of Representatives principally responsible for
overseeing DEA and writing anti-drug laws as counsel to
the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime.

White House leadership

The heart of Nixon’s 5,300-word message to Congress on
June 17, 1971 was a plan “to consolidate at the highest
level a full-scale attack on the problem of drug abuse
in America” in a White House Office. The office was
dismantled soon after Nixon resigned having been
resisted by Cabinet secretaries and anti-drug agencies.

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2 replies on “The war on drugs is a gigantic racist scam”

as i’ve had to remind others all week, nixon DID NOT STSRT THE DRUG WAR JUST 40 YEARS AGO! there were millions arrested for drugs prior to then. the drug war officilaly began immediately after prohibition, aka drug war I, ended, as the mobs and officialdom weren’t about to do without all that dough… but they knew that no new prohibition amendment, required by the constitution (!!!) could be passed then…

if an when sanity shows its face here and the drugwars end… i sure hope that there wil be some sort of reparation for those so terribly wronged in this war on the citizenry’s right to pursuit of happiness. it would be a travesty if corporations reaped fortunes while those were still in jail or impoverished when released.

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