The poor can go to prison, but political elites should ALWAYS walk (according to the Washington Post)

WashPost: criminal law is not for political elites
By Glenn Greenwald

(updated below – Update II)

The Washington Post Editors work in a city and live in a nation in which huge numbers of poor and minority residents are consigned to cages for petty and trivial transgressions of the criminal law — typically involving drugs — and pursuant to processes that are extremely tilted toward the State. Post Editors virtually never speak out against that, if they ever have. But that all changes — that indifference disappears — when political elites are targeted for prosecution, even for serious crimes:

The Post Editors, July 3, 2007: IN COMMUTING I. Lewis Libby’s prison sentence yesterday, President Bush took the advice of, among others, William Otis, a former federal prosecutor who wrote on the opposite page last month that Mr. Libby should neither be pardoned nor sent to prison. We agree that a pardon would have been inappropriate and that the prison sentence of 30 months was excessive. . . . Add to that Mr. Libby’s long and distinguished record of public service, and we sympathize with Mr. Bush’s conclusion “that the prison sentence given to Mr. Libby is excessive.”

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1 reply on “The poor can go to prison, but political elites should ALWAYS walk (according to the Washington Post)”

here in apartheid america… thre are two crimes we go to prison for… the crime of being black and the crime of being poor. in fact, last i saw, only 14% of our prisoners are in jail for a crime of violence; clearly the sole offense for which jail is suited as punishment… all other crimes should put the offender to making amends or community service.

when was the last time we read of a rich white shot 41-52-70 times and all cops acquitted? when was the last time we heard of any extremely rich going to prison?

here in ‘new york city, alabama,’ when ken lay was here before his faked death… he was at this weird biker bar nearby and was smoking crack at the bar and swilling booze. he began shouting and peeling off clothes so they called the cops and kicked him out on to the sidewalk. when the cops arrived, did they haul him off to ryker’s island? hell no! they took him to his hotel… had he been black? death sentence.

however, libby’s sentence of 30 years? not appropriate at all. but cheney? throw away the keys, as limbaugh once said of druggies…

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