Tell Fox News to fire Eric Bolling, or at least put a white hood on him

Tell Fox: “Fire Eric Bolling”

Last Friday, Fox Business’ Eric Bolling, said that President Obama has a habit of having “hoodlum[s] in the hizzouse,” referring to an official meeting the president had with an African head of state at the White House.

Last month, Bolling said that President Obama was too busy “chugging forties” in Ireland to respond to the recent tornadoes in Missouri and more. These statements play off of racist stereotypes and are unacceptable.

Fox needs to either fire Bolling or admit that they accept his brand of stereotyping and race-baiting. Please join us in demanding that they do.

—–Here is the text of the petitions we’ll present to Roger Ailes, Chairman of Fox Business Network.

Dear Fox Business Chairman Roger Ailes,

I was disgusted by Eric Bolling’s assertion last week that by hosting an official meeting with President Ali Bongo of Gabon, President Obama had “a hoodlum in the hizzouse.” The segment went on to use other language and stereotypes associated with Black Americans.

This is not Bolling’s first offense. Late last month Bolling used your platform to allege that President Obama was too busy “chugging a few forties” during an official trip to Ireland to attend to Missouri’s tornado victims. The president was already en route to Europe when the tornadoes hit. But factual considerations aside, Bolling’s use of cultural stereotypes is blatant and far outside the realm of useful political commentary. Such speech only serves to play on race-based fears and divisions, and it’s damaging to our communities. I’m offended that your network would be a party to this and broadcast such obvious race-baiting.

Fox Business and Fox News have a history of hiring and promoting personalities who disparage Black history, leaders and institutions. It’s time for this pattern to stop and for you to repudiate the use of racist stereotypes and race-baiting in your networks’ coverage. If you fire Bolling, it would be a step towards showing real accountability. Refusing will make it abundantly clear to the public and the media that stoking racial division is part of Fox’s agenda.


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