Syrian thugs (and don’t be smug about it—as if it would never happen here)

From Imad Khadduri:

Syrian thugs … Alcbihp

This is a hidden camera video (10 minutes – no translation required) of Syrian government thugs, called “Shabiha”, with batons attacking and dragging away unarmed demonstrators in Damascus streets.

They are similar to Egypt’s “Baltajia” who often attacked demonstrators (once they were riding on camels) during Egypt’s February revolution.

They are similar to the disgraced Maliki thugs (some in Arab customs) from his Da’waa party who were bus loaded from the city of Karbala, near his Twairij hometown, to attack unarmed civilians last Friday (June 10, 2011) in Tahrir Square in Baghdad. Iraqis haven’t found a word for them, yet! They soon will.

Hidden camera show Cbihp lion attacking the demonstrators Damascus (10 minutes)
Network of Arab Media
June 13, 2011

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