Rove spending $20 million on anti-Obama attack ads

So they’ll either work, and help turn the tide against Obama’s re-election; or they’ll simply serve as cover for the next election THEFT, so that the GOP’s (surprising) “victory” will, as ever, be
“explained” as the result of Rove’s hard-hitting ADS. (So it was when Kerry “lost”—because of the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth,” of course; and so it was two years before, when Max Cleland “lost”—because of Rove’s ad hinting he was soft on terrorism, having opposed BushCo’s creation of the Department of Homeland Security.)

OR something else is going on. But We the People will, as usual, be the last to know about it.


Karl Rove Dropping $20 Million on Anti-Obama Attack Ads
By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, AlterNet
Posted on June 25, 2011, Printed on June 25, 2011

In case you were concerned that he\’d somehow changed: the National Journal is reporting that Crossroads, a conservative group affiliated with Mr. Burns-like GOP mastermind Karl Rove, is set to drop $20 million on ads attacking President Obama. It\’s not even autumn 2011! Election season apparently starts after the weekend, so buck up:

The first ad, which begins airing next Monday, shows a clip of Obama joking this month that some of the shovel-ready projects in the stimulus “was not as shovel ready as we expected” while highlighting rising unemployment and gas prices since he took office.

“Obama\’s $830 billion stimulus failed,” a narrator says in the ad. “14 million out of work. America drowning in debt. It\’s time to take away Obama\’s blank check.”

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Rove is gone bsuecae he can not trust his friend anymore.Our President has placed our wonderful men and women in harms way and Rove somply can not defend this action anymore.Our President is one of the top Terriost in the world and should be held to a criminal standard of at least “Accessory to Murder”

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