Peru passes a 10-year moratorium on GMOs

GMOs and Peru: The Debate Comes to a Head
June 15, 2011
This analysis was prepared by COHA Research Associate Carrie Burggraf

The use of transgenic or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is an increasingly prevalent practice throughout the world that has pitted complex policy issues against one another. On one side of the debate is the ability of GMOs to feed the world’s increasingly large and diverse population and to allow developing countries to economically advance via transgenic crops. The other side of the dispute focuses on the unknown health and environmental risks posed by GMOs, along with potential monopolistic practices in which large multinational corporations (MNCs) involve themselves.

In Peru, the debate over the introduction of GMOs into the country has been very public, involving a plethora of participants such as scientists, chefs, farmers, restaurant owners, politicians, and far-ranging members of civil society. Several Peruvian cities, including Cusco, Lambayeque, Huánuco, Ayacucho, and San Martín, were the first to declare themselves “GMO-free zones.”[i] Lima, the nation’s capital, soon joined these cities as the newest GMO-free zone in late April.[ii] Lima’s move came just days after President Alan García and former Peruvian Minister of Agriculture Rafael Quevedo had signed Supreme Decree 003-2011-AG on April 15.[iii]

The decree, which was actually drawn up two years ago, set up an agency to regulate the research, production, and trade of GMOs.[iv] Rafael Quevedo, who has since resigned from office due to intense criticism surrounding his stance on GMOs, claimed that the order was merely “a regulation which tries to eliminate errors, control the use of genetically modified organisms, and make sure they don’t come into the country if they are found to be a risk.”[v] However, many citizens felt that the decree paved the way for a flood of transgenic products into the country, which could hurt its rich biodiversity and its growing market for high quality organic products. The immediate backlash against the signing of the decree indicated that there, indeed, existed widespread support for a GMO-free Peru. Such indications were soon confirmed, as Peru’s Congress recently repealed the decree on June 8 by a 56 to 0 vote, with two abstentions.[vi] The bill has placed a “10-year moratorium on the entrance of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for cultivation and breeding or any other type of transgenic products.”[vii] However, the transgenic battle in Peru is far from decidedly won, as the moratorium simply puts the heated spar on a temporary hold.

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I been making a research about MONSANTO GMO (genetically modified) and MSG (monosodium glutamate) for about a year and once again very laud and very proud of my country PERU I have to say that we are one of the most inteligent people in earth and for us Peruvians( of course they are exceptions ) the money dont buy our concience because in our country we not only believe in money we also belived that there is a GOD that protect us from evil people like MONSANTO that for only profit interest money and more money they are killing there own people 93 per cent of the fields. Corn cottonseed canola soybeen are already infeccted with GMO and MSG here in the USA they dont label it because the FDA ( food and drug administration) say that here in The USA the people dont have the right to choose what they eat or drink of course the FDA is own by MONSANTO for them is not enough to kill there own people including children dying from malignant deseases like cancer because of the food even the GMO are in chidren medications now they want to kill and destroy the rest of the world the people that agree with GMO I want to think that they ignored what are they taking about they need to make a deep study about it so they dont look evil or ignorant because KELLOGS in his letter to TIMES mention that they will continue using genetically modified (GMO) in their products in the USA of course in the EUROPEAN UNION they wont because they are not allow but here in The USA the people is not concern about it so they will continue using it, it is fair that because most of the people ignore whats going on with them and their children the food poisoned the water not only with chorine but with fluoride( in Europe they dont use fluoride was enough that Hitler used it for their prisioners) they think they have the right to kill us? In the last 8 years since these fields are more infected and our food more and more toxic deseases become twice double of malignant deseases like cancer 60 per cent of the people are over weight and may be more here in the USA MILLIONS AGAINST MONSANTO we need for october 2011, we need ONE MILLION people sign against MONSANTO so the Goverment will let us label GMO and MSG like it is in the European Union If somebody want to know more about what is really going on in the USA you should find out who is Doctor Mercola and Doctor Russell Blaylock. Only one more example

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