Pentagon to treat computer sabotage as an act of war

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01 Jun 2011
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  1. Susan

    June 2, 2011 at 4:30 am

    Yesterday I posted the following at the BradBlog site. I thought that the OnPoint show may be of some interest here.

    I seldom listen to NPR anymore but was in the car tonight and heard part of the OnPoint with Tom Ashbrook show. I have just listened to part of it again because of something I heard. It is around the 27 – 33 minute point and talks about how hacking into banks and hospitals. It also talks about malware. I wonder how anyone can listen to this show and have any confidence in our elections as long as electronic voting machines are used. I’d like to post something at the show site but am not sure how to word the post. Anyway, I thought some may be interested in this show.

    I did go ahead and post something at the OnPoint site.

    How can anyone listen to this program and have any trust in our elections where the vote counting is done in secret on electronic voting machines? From malware to cyber security, how can we have any trust in election integrity using machines that have very little security. How many times are the experts going to show how easy it is to manipulate/hack the electronic voting machines before the citizens wake up to this very real threat. What is it going to take to get the media to honestly and factually report this? Sad that there isn’t a _Network_ moment concerning electronic voting machines and sad that these easily manipulated machines continue to give us the vote count.
    Excellent program…

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