On the two journalists arrested at the Capitol in Madison

Police Detain UpTake Journalist For Helping Her Assistant
June 6, 2011 Labor/Unions, Media, Wisconsin

Earlier today, “BadgerGurl88″ shot this video of videographer Sam Mayfield being detained by Wisconsin State Police at the Capitol in Madison. Sam is in town working on a documentary film about upstart Republican Governor Scott Walker’s crusade to take away workers’ collective bargaining rights. She has shot video of the historic labor demonstrations periodically this spring for The UpTake.

Sam checked in with us immediately after this incident. She is being charged with disorderly conduct. Watch the video for yourself and decide if that’s an overreach by police. Watch what happens @1:31 into the video

The woman in the video who is initially being arrested by police is Sam’s assistant Alex Noguera-Garces who is helping her shoot the documentary. According to Sam, Alex was arrested after she videotaped police “roughing up” people. Alex was told to leave the public building, which she didn’t and then she was arrested.

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