Off-shoring has destroyed US economy, says Nobel winner Michael Spence

June 20, 2011 Volume 18, No. 10
Offshoring Has Destroyed The U.S. Economy: Nobel Economist Michael Spence Says Globalization Is Costly For Americans
By Paul Craig Roberts

These are discouraging times, but once in a blue moon a bit of hope appears. I am pleased to report on the bit of hope delivered in March of 2011 by Michael Spence, a Nobel prize-winning economist, assisted by Sandile Hlatshwayo, a researcher at New York University. The two economists have taken a careful empirical look at jobs offshoring and concluded that it has ruined the income and employment prospects for most Americans.

To add to the amazement, their research report, “The Evolving Structure of the American Economy and the Employment Challenge,” was published by the very establishment Council on Foreign Relations ( industrial-policy/evolving-structure-american-economy-employment-challenge/p24366).

For a decade I have warned that U.S. corporations, pressed by Wall Street and large retailers such as Wal-Mart, to move offshore their production for U.S. consumer markets, were simultaneously moving offshore U.S. GDP, U.S. tax base, U.S. consumer income, and irreplaceable career opportunities for American citizens.

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2 replies on “Off-shoring has destroyed US economy, says Nobel winner Michael Spence”

I’m not agreeing with you as I’m working in a software offshoring company, RMGS, I know that outsourcing helping the company to focus on more important tasks for example, in RMGS we provide software development offsouring to our client like fixing bugs, do some customizations …etc and let our client focus on the main development. So that help them and keep both time and money.

I guess you’re right. If you’re doing well, the economy must be in tip-top shape!

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