Obama MUST give Elizabeth Warren a recess appointment! SIGN AND CIRCULATE! URGENT!


Check out this AMAZING momentum on our letter urging President Obama to give Elizabeth Warren a recess appointment:

Washington Post: “10,000 people an hour in the first five hours…”
Washington Post: “75,000 signatures in eight hours.” “100,000 signatures strong now”
American Banker: “150,000 signatures in less than 24 hours”
Politico: “175,000 signatures supporting her in just two days”
Huffington Post: “over 225,000 petitioners calling on Obama to go around Senate Republicans and just name her to the bureau she created already.”

Now we’re at 244,000 signatures!

Tomorrow, Congressional Progressive Caucus leaders will announce our letter’s progress at a press conference and then meet with the President!

Can you help us get to 250,000? Click to share this message on Facebook:

We need to get 250,000 Elizabeth Warren supporters by noon! We’re close — please sign here!

(Or forward this email to friends and ask them to sign here.)

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— Stephanie Taylor, Adam Green, Matt Wall, and the PCCC team

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