Not even Warren Buffett can save Omaha (pictures of the flood)

From Linda James:

I was there a week ago and had to detour around Omaha. Both the Mississippi and Missouri were over their banks at that time. The rains I came through were unbelievable storms.

This is my 4th nationwide tour, and I have never experienced weather like this, and in every state.

The at-risk nuke plant is in the last of these photos.

Linda James|Loss Prevention Resources, Inc.

Mormon Bridge coming into North Omaha
Freeway South of Omaha headed for Kansas City
Amarastar Hotel Casino and Conference Center
North of Omaha Near Airport
Dodge Park
Freeway leading North to Des Moines, Iowa
One of thousands of farms now underwater.
One of our coal power plants
Fort Calhoon Atomic Energy plant

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