Nation piece on Nebraska Nuclear Plant

Yesterday, we posted a hot piece from the Nation, Pakistan’s big daily, making several startling claims about the situation at the nuclear plant in Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska—that there was a full meltdown there, and that Obama had ordered a news blackout on the story; and more. (The post was titled “Obama has ordered “total and complete” news blackout on crippled nuke plant in Nebraska”.)

Since then, it’s come to my attention that that piece is bogus—apparently some kind of hoax. So we took it down this morning.

For more reliable information on what’s happening at that plant, please check out Arnie Gunderson’s interview on Pacifica, as well as the items aggregated by Citizens for Legitimate Government.

Let me add that there HAS clearly been a blackout on the news re: that ongoing disaster, whether Obama personally ordered it or not. So far there hasn’t been a lick of mainstream coverage in the US or in Canada (although a local TV station did report a bid by some Nebraska bureaucrat to “dispel the rumors”).

So we’ll just keep trying to keep track of it ourselves.

Apologies to anyone who got that phony story from NFU.


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